Dental Hygienists - What You Should Know About Ergonomic Loupes

Yes, you have loupes, but can they do this?

Reduce your neck and back pain?

Prevent Kyphosis?

Deflect the view 49 degrees?

Minimize bruising of your nose bridge?

Reduce forehead wrinkles?

Gives you the ability to fine-tune your working distance?

Allows for peripheral visibility and not block your direct vision?

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Stylish Ergo-Loupes® made for RDH in mind

✓ Lightweight & Comfortable Design

✓ Magnifications from 3.5x to 8.5x

✓ Custom Fitted and Handcrafted in the USA

✓ Adjustable Working Distance

✓ Convenient Ordering

✓ Customer Support

✓ 45 Days Money Back Guaranteed

✓ Free Shipping and Life-Time Warranty

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Trusted by Thousands of Dental Professionals

Our stylish Ergo-Loupes® EVO & SIDEKICK are designed to alleviate neck and back pain. Thousands of professionals choose HERO LOUPES.

Level Up with the Most Comfortable Ergo-Loupes® Ever

We have the world's lightest ergonomic loupes.

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By being healthy and efficient in one's work environment, you'll have more stamina to spread excitement in your work.

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Treat Yourself to New Ergo-Loupes

Treat yourself to something fancy and nice. It is not everyday you make such large purchases. Plus, this is an investment for your health and career longevity.

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