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$200.00 USD

As part of the "S" in our SUPER product lineup, we introduce to you the Hero Loupes­® SIDEKICK™.

We've all struggled with the daily challenges of day-long postural discomfort while helping our patients. Hero Loupes have engineered the perfect versatile device to alleviate preventable musculoskeletal pain. It is called the SIDEKICK™, which utilizes their US patented mirrored prism system that deflects the view 60 degrees, so you don't have to bend your neck and back to see below you. Delivering all day comfort and ergonomic posture, you can focus on doing what you do best--- being a Dental Superhero!

♥ US Patented Panoramic Prisms for Maximum Peripheral Visibility
♥ Ergonomic, Lightweight, Versatile, and Loupe Light Compatible
♥ Durable and Easy to use
♥ Made for Dental Assistants and Medical Specialists
♥ 0.75x-1x image (No Magnification) = Wide Field of View
♥ Clips on Any Eyewear (Rx and Protective Goggles)
♥ Scratch Resistant and Anti-Reflective Coating

Comes with quick clip carrying case, ear hooks, microfiber cleaning cloth, and in a variety of colors!

Inside your package

The SIDEKICK includes a headstrap, microfiber cloth, carrying case, ear hooks to prevent slippage, and the limitless power of awesomeness.

How to use

Simply clip onto any eyewear and it's ready to go.


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Return policy

Discover the Confidence of a Risk-Free Purchase with Our 45-Day Money Back Guarantee.

How To Order

  • 1. Place Order

    Select color you like: Pink, Blue or Black. Place into cart and check out.

  • 2. Delivery of SIDEKICK

    Within 5-7 business days, your HERO LOUPES SIDEKICK is delivered.

  • 3. Straight Posture

    Simply clip onto your protective eyewear or prescription glasses to alleviate neck and back pain.