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Hero Loupes

U-Shine Hero Light

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Extra Battery Pack ($150 extra)
U-Shine Hero Light

U-Shine Hero Light

$550.00 USD

Introducing the U-Shine Loupe Light – Where Comfort and Brilliance Converge! Revolutionize your loupe light experience with a game-changing innovation designed for those who demand both performance and comfort in one electrifying package.

Imagine a world where your battery pack seamlessly rests on your neck and shoulder, embracing you with ergonomic luxury. U-Shine's innovative U-shaped design not only ensures unparalleled comfort but also minimizes pesky tangling, giving you the freedom to focus on what truly matters – precision and excellence.

But the magic doesn't stop there. U-Shine's magnetic cord attachment brings convenience to a whole new level. Say goodbye to fumbling and frustration; with a quick disconnect feature, you're in control like never before. Effortless operation is the name of the game, ensuring that your workflow remains uninterrupted and efficient.

Prepare to be amazed by the longevity of the U-Shine battery pack. With an astounding 10-hour lifespan, it's your unwavering partner through long sessions, empowering you to achieve your best work without compromise. Imagine the possibilities – an entire day's worth of brilliance at your fingertips!

U-Shine isn't just a battery pack; it's a statement of innovation, comfort, and power. Embrace the freedom to shine brightly, unburdened by cords and limitations. Elevate your loupe light experience with U-Shine – the embodiment of comfort, brilliance, and untethered potential. Illuminate your world, your way!

Inside your package

The Hero Light comes with one battery, a charging cable, an charging adapter, a composite orange filter, an allen wrench tool, and an abundance of awesomeness.

How to use

Simply connect light to the eyewear and you are ready to shine!


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Return policy

Discover the Confidence of a Risk-Free Purchase with Our 45-Day Money Back Guarantee.

How To Order

  • 1. Place Order

    Place Hero Light into cart. Consider adding an extra battery for peace of mind.

  • 2. Delivery of Hero Light

    Within 5-7 business days, your Hero Light is delivered.

  • 3. Bright Illumination

    Start lighting up them sugar bugs to start saving some teeth for your patients.